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The Beata Clasp® is a soft foam clasp that attaches to the hospital bedrail. Medical tubing, lines and drains fit securely into the product’s bank of circular grooves. The clasp prevents line impingement, dislodging and entanglement by holding tubes in place within the grooves. The simple technology reduces the risk of adverse line, tube and drain incidents by keeping lines separated and cleanly draped. Because tubing is prevented from falling to the floor, contamination risks to patient and safety hazard risks to caregivers and visitors are reduced.
Also fits on a thicker Hillrom® bed rail and Air-Shields Resuscitaire® Radiant Warmer
  Do not permanently affix medical tubing to the Beata Clasp®.  
  -For passive restriction only. -  
MSDS for the Beata Clasp (PDF 9.7 MB)
Recyclable Information (PDF)
How to Clean Product
The Beata Clasp is intended for single patinet use. It can be cleaned with soap and water, alcohol, bleach, Cavi Wipes or other general use disinfectant wipes. It can not be autoclaved or peroxide freeze injected.
Recylable Information
The Beata Clasp Company is committed to providing an environmentally friendly product. We proudly manufacture the Beata Clasp in the USA and it is 100% recyclable.

Products made in the USA eliminate the vast amount of fuel needed to transport the product overseas. The Beata Clasp is recyclable wherever number 7 plastics are recycled. In addition, the device can be collected and returned to the manufacturer where the material can be reprocessed into additional product. Devices that are reprocessed are safe and can reduce thousands of tons of waste from landfills. Credit towards future purchases will be given to facilities that return the product in bulk.

As the health care industry becomes increasingly committed to protecting the environment, the demand for recyclable medical products will increase. Hospitals who use environmentally friendly products will distinguish themselves in the community. Supply your next patient with recyclable products that will contribute to reuse and renewal of the earth's resources.

An intravenous (IV) tubing and line organizer that minimizes the entanglement of several IV lines and tubing that can place a hospital patient at risk.

Product Design Highlights
- An intravenous (IV) tubing and line organizer that minimizes the entanglement of several IV lines and tubing that can place a
   hospital patient at risk.

- The organizer eliminates the hazard caused by the tangled tubing, while maintaining the functionality of the IV line or tubing.

- Use of this device decreases the amount of time spent straightening tubing and lines, thereby increasing hospital efficiency.

- Effectively organizes several hospital tubings and lines while minimizing entanglement and maintaining the functionality of
  tubing and lines.

Product Highlights:
- Compact, light, and inexpensive

- Recyclable or disposable, but also reusable to the single patient

- Does not occlude IV tubing

- Does not contain any magnetic materials -Joint Commission Sentinel Event #38 MRI safety

- Does not harm the patient or user

- Is durable and washable
The device is used continuously for the duration of the stay of a single patient. The device can be discarded or collected and recycled to manufacturer and a new device is employed for a new patient. The device can withstand regular tubing replacements every three days or less. In addition, the device is able to handle tubing being removed and inserted into slots a minimum of five times daily. The device is able to withstand short term misuse by untrained personnel and abuse by the patient, since some patients will be confused or children. The device can be used within the vicinity of an MRI scanner.
The device is sanitary but is not sterile since the tubing it holds is sterilized. It does not occlude or damage the tubing or lines in any way. Since the device may be used in conjunction with MRI scanning, the device contains no magnetic materials. The product in latex free
Accuracy and Reliability:
The accuracy and reliability of medical syringe pumps are not hindered or changed by the device.
Life in Service and Shelf Life:
The device is able to last several months with consistant use. This product has a shelf life of several years and can withstand temperature changes, shipping, and storage.
Operating Environment:
The device handles external forces such as being bumped or dropped by the user or patient.
The device allows passive movement of lines and tubing so as not to pull IV tubing from the patient. It is easily accessible to prevent blockage within the tubing. The device should not be out of reach of the user to function correctly.
Size and weight:
The device is compact, lightweight, and mobile, as it must accompany the patient in transport. Texture and edges of device are smooth and has no sharp areas or roughness.
Attaches to variety of hospital equipment (bed rails, IV poles) and canes, walkers, wheelchairs.
* Request a color on orders over 1,000
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