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  Melvin V., Patient
  "I have been hospitalized about five or six times in my life and this is the first time that the cords and tubes weren't all over the place.
No matter how sick you are, you worry about the lines when raising up the head of the bed."
  Photo of actual patient Melvin V. in a Hillrom bed using a Beata Clasp  
  Margaret V.
  "As a relative of a patient, It was satisfying to know that the Beata Clasp® was easily accessible to go from the bed-rail to the IV pole for walking in the hallway and to the bathroom."  
  Mary F..
  "I found that the Beata Clasp® frees up nursing time. The lines are orderly and not likely to be pinched."  
  Lynn W., Patient
  “Having been in the hospital, I experienced going from perfectly healthy to a weakened state in a short amount of time. With an NG tube, multiple IVs, and a call light, the formerly simple activities of taking a walk or going to the bathroom became an undertaking. My tubes would sometimes be crimped and cause beeping of the IV machine. I had a lot of lines to sort through at a time when I had no energy. I believe that the Beata Clasp® would have added an element of orderliness and peace of mind when frustration should be minimized.”  
  Hilbert V.
  "With the many frustrations of having a loved one in nursing home care, I find the Beata Clasp® is a bright spot. My wife's hands are crippled from arthritis. I am relieved that my wife can find her call light, TV control, and have the oxygen tubing in order. It is so helpful for her and she is so pleased to have it."  
  Donna C.
  "We've been using it in the NICU on Air-Shields Resuscitaire® Radiant Warmers and in our ICU and it has been working great!" -Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL  
Air-Shields Resuscitaire® Radiant Warmer
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