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  Give the Beata Clasp as a practical gift for a patient during a hospital stay  
When a loved one enters the hospital one always wants to do something to comfort them.   Flowers, fresh fruit, nuts and boxes of candy are thoughtful and sincere gifts, but not always allowed either due to compromised immune systems or diet.   Stuffed animals and balloons are always nice gestures, but sometimes one just wants to get something practical and useful.
Every patient seems to have one IV line, plus a call light, nasal oxygen tubing and possible much more. Upon visiting your loved one you will see that if it could be organized then the patient is not constantly worrying about it being caught, tangled, impinged, or pulled. Not every hospital offers the Beata Clasp to their patients so this is a fun and useful gift not only for the patient but other family members who visit and the nurse taking care of your loved one.
The Beata Clasp is a great gift because it is very useful to everyone. It also encourages safety for the patient, visiting family members, and hospital staff by the prevention of tripping due to cords hanging on the floor or while walking though the hall with an IV pole, walker, or wheelchair. Your loved one will always have the extended bed control, nurse's call light, or the simple light cord within reach for when they are alone.

It has added benefits such as the following:

- Comes in yellow, alerting staff to high risk to fall

- Comes in blue or pink for children, babies, or mothers who just
   gave birth

- Can be written on with a permanent marker, write a loving message or   an important phone number on it and it will always be at the bedside

- Place a small wastebasket liner/bag underneath the clasp to create a    holder for hearing aids, dentures, or glasses. Or use the bag
   as bedside garbage container for Kleenex and tissues.

A Beata Clasp is an affordable and practical gift that will be used everyday of their stay and protect your loved one's safety. Whatever you decide to bring your friend or loved one in the hospital, remember to keep it practical. Also make sure there are no restrictions on things for the patient. The most important thing your friend or loved one would love to receive from you is your company and support. So if it's not feasible to purchase a gift at this time, just a simple phone call, card or visit can really brighten their day knowing that you are thinking of them.
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