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  Non-Medical Uses
  The Beata Clasp® is not limited to use only in hospitals. Although it was designed by a nurse for the intent of a bedrail it has many other fun and practical uses.  
  Give as a practical gift to a loved one in the hospital  
  Not all hospitals carry the Beata Clasp® so it can make a perfect gift for a loved one in a hospital. A Beata Clasp® is an affordable and practical gift that will be used everyday of their stay and protect your loved one's safety.Click Here to Read More...  
  Use in your office!  
  This device attaches to any shelf ledge. It will organize all your multiple cords: laptop power cord, printer, speakers, scanner, digital camera, MP3 player, etc. Feel free to label what cord is what, the Beata Clasp® can easily be written on with a permanent marker!  
  Use in a boat!  
This moveable and soft device allows for variable placement anywhere on a boat! Simply attach to the edge of your boat and you are now able to prop your fishing poles thru the grooves. Watch them stay in place even with the rocking of the waves. Then for safety, insert your fishing lure in the soft foam for safekeeping and tangle free fishing. Don't worry the Beata Clasp® floats too.

Use in the nurses' station!

Attach the Beata Clasp® in an easily accessible spot in the nurses' station and dock your stethoscopes. No need to wear it around you neck when not in use or have it get misplaced.
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