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Hook and Loop Straps

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The Beata Clasp medical line organizer can be effectively used in conjunction with Velcro-style hook and loop straps. These straps offer simplicity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness for securing our organizer to a wide range of hospital equipment. Notably, wider patient bedrails.

The soft side of the hook and loop strap is ideal for resting against delicate cables and lines. One of the standout features of the hook and loop straps is their ease of use. They can be swiftly replaced and readjusted without the need for any tools. The low cost allows for disposability for single patient use.


Length 12 Inch
Package Quantity 5
Width 0.55 Inch (13.97 mm)
Color Yellow
Manufacturer Secure™ Cable Ties

GTIN 00846949001476
Weight (Lbs) 0.037