The Beata Clasp Adds Antimicrobial Properties and High Alert Color to Its Hospital Line Organizer Product

[Glen Ellyn, IL] - The Beata Clasp, a leader in hospital line organizer devices, is excited to announce that they have collaborated with their US manufacturer to improve their current product by adding antimicrobial properties and a high alert color to increase infection control and safety in hospitals. The new version will be identical in size, shape, and functional use of the current model, and now with added features to enhance the safety and quality of care for patients. 

The antimicrobial properties added to the product will provide hospitals with an additional layer of infection control to prevent the spread of bacteria. According to multiple studies, antimicrobial products in hospitals have been shown to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections and improve patient outcomes.

The high alert color of the new version will prompt nursing staff to trace the lines to their source to ensure accurate medication delivery and prevent the risk of falls and injuries. The color also differentiates the product from its previous version and makes it easier to see.

Co-inventor Anne, an oncology nurse of 12 years, understands the importance of implementing extra measures to prevent central line infections. Listening to customer feedback, the Beata Clasp team identified the need for an antimicrobial product and high alert color.

"Our goal at The Beata Clasp is to continue offering value and quality to our customers," said Anne, co-inventor of The Beata Clasp. "We are proud to offer an innovative solution that enhances patient safety and provides peace of mind to healthcare professionals."

The new version of The Beata Clasp is expected to be released on June 2, 2023. Hospitals using the product are encouraged to inform their nursing staff of the new infection control benefits and high alert color. For further updates or any questions, please contact their customer support at 1-800-796-5840.


About The Beata Clasp

The Beata Clasp is a hospital line organizer device that reduces the risk of falls and improves patient comfort. The product has remained unchanged for over a decade and consistently performs its intended function of organizing cords and wires. The Beata Clasp is co-invented by two RNs who are committed to enhancing patient safety and quality of care.



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The Beata Clasp


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