Q: How will I know this will fit my equipment such as bedrail?

A: All Beata Clasp models have great flexibility and can be used on all bedrails. Facilities are encouraged to request a sample to assess fit and functionality. 

Q: Do patients like it?

A: Yes! Allowing patients to be involved in their care increases compliance and safety. Testimonials

Q: Is it for multiple or single patient use?

A: We encourage the facility to choose how they prefer to use The Beata Clasp. It can be single-patient use for convenience, however, they can be cleaned between patients and reused.

For single patient use, the product can go with the patient, whether the patient is leaving with transport or to another unit. Invite the patient to take it with them when they are discharged home. It can also be recycled through our recycling program.

Q: How do you clean the product?

A: The Beata Clasp product can be cleaned an unlimited amount of times with soap and water, bleach, or any sanitizing disinfect wipe carried at your facility. 

Q: How do I get my facility to use this product?

A: Most RNs and CNAs bring this product to their manager or a council/committee. Once approved, your purchasing department will reach out to us and order to stock your unit.

Q: How do I ask an additional question?

A: We would love to hear from you! Please send your questions via our contact form or email us at contact@beataclasp.com. We can also be reached at 1 (800) 796-5840.

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