Q: How will I know this will fit my equipment such as bedrail?

A: All Beata Clasp models have great flexibility and can be used on all bedrails. Facilities are encouraged to request a sample to assess fit and functionality. 

Q: Do patients like it?

A: Yes! Allowing patients to be involved in their care increases compliance and safety. Testimonials

Q: Is it for multiple or single patient use?

A: We encourage the facility to choose how they prefer to use The Beata Clasp. It can be single-patient use for convenience, however, they can be cleaned between patients and reused.

For single patient use, the product can go with the patient, whether the patient is leaving with transport or to another unit. Invite the patient to take it with them when they are discharged home. It can also be recycled through our recycling program.

The Beata Clasp® Line Organizer Guidelines : Downloadable PDF

Q: How do you clean the product?

A: The Beata Clasp product can be cleaned an unlimited amount of times with soap and water, bleach, or any sanitizing disinfect wipe carried at your facility. 

Q: How do I get my facility to use this product?

A: Most RNs and CNAs bring this product to their manager or a council/committee. Once approved, your purchasing department will reach out to us and order to stock your unit.

Q: What education is there to support the use of a medical line organizer?

A: Please see this link to a video on how it's use can address concerns of tubing misconnections and medical line entanglement.

Preventing Medical Line Entanglement and Tubing Misconnections: Best Practices and Strategies

In this webinar, we discuss the importance of preventing medical line entanglement and tubing misconnections and the risks it poses to patient safety.

Medical line entanglement is a serious safety concern in healthcare settings, and it can lead to significant harm to patients. During this webinar, we provide an overview of what medical line entanglement is and how it can occur. We discuss the dangers and risks of medical line entanglement and how to prevent it.

We explain how the Beata Clasp, a medical line organizer, can help prevent medical line entanglement along with tubing misconnections. We highlight our product due to its mobility when transferring a patient, latex-free, and being free of adhesive. This hospital cord organizer triggers the prompt to do line tracing from patient to the source, preventing misconnections and medication errors. Other benefits of using an organizer include keeping lines off the floor and preventing falls.

We discuss the importance of patient involvement in their care, and how using a medical line organizer can encourage patients to be more aware of their lines and notify staff if they perceive any changes. We also touch on the importance of having policies and procedures in place to manage medical line entanglement in your healthcare facility.

If the Joint Commission rounded today and asked what steps your hospital is taking to manage medical line entanglement, we recommend answering by explaining how your goal is to prevent medical line entanglement in the first place. We suggest explaining how you manage tubing, lines, and drains at the bedside with a medical line organizer such as the Beata Clasp. Additionally, we recommend sharing how you have guidelines, policies, or procedures in place for medical line entanglement to ensure consistent messaging for all units of the hospital.

We hope you find the ideas in this video helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you.

Q: What are the suggested guidelines for use of the Beata Clasp?

A: The Beata Clasp® Line Organizer Guidelines : Downloadable PDF


Purpose of guidelines for Hospital Tubing and Line Organization System (Beata Clasp®)

Tubing or catheter types to use with Line Organizer 

Procedure for use of Beata Clasp® Attachment of Beata Clasp®

Instructions for use of Beata Clasp® 

Instructions for cleaning of Beata Clasp® 

Removal of Beata Clasp®:

Recommended procedures for tubing and lines

Q: How do I ask an additional question?

A: We would love to hear from you! Please send your questions via our contact form or email us at contact@beataclasp.com. We can also be reached at 1 (800) 796-5840.

Q: Where is the MSDS on this product?

A: Click here for downloadable MSDS PDF for our yellow antimicrobial Beata Clasp: MSDS PDF

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