The device that easily organizes tubing, lines, & drains

No inservice needed... instantly reduces caregiver frustration and increases patient satisfaction

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  • Staff Benefits

    • Reduces tangling of tubing

    • Saves time at the bedside

    • Decrease rework

    • Versatile & simple to use

    • Easy to clean

    Mission Statement 
  • Patient Benefits

    • Keeps call light in reach

    • Decreases contamination

    • Keeps lines off floors

    • Single patient use

    • Latex-free

  • Facility Benefits

    • Reduces misconnections

    • Prevents trips & falls

    • Decreases waste 

    • Uses no adhesives

    • Recyclable

    Where it is used 

“I was frustrated with disorganized tubing at the patient’s bedside. Once, I tripped on a cord and almost fell. I was grateful that no one got hurt (either myself or the patient), but my heart skipped a beat since there were multiple dialysis lines! I realized that one close call was one too many. My hospital stopped taking safety risks and ordered the Beata Clasp. This device is great because it is flexible and can fit over IV poles or bedrails to keep everything organized and off the floor. Not only does it not require adhesive, but it doesn’t even need a nurse in-service a it is self-explanatory. When we introduced the Beata Clasps, patients asked why they didn’t get them sooner. This is a functional product that increases patient satisfaction and safety! I hope every hospital tries them!”

- Anne Henning