• Who can use it:

    Hospitals, intensive care units (ICU), medical-surgical units, neonatal units, labor and delivery units, emergency rooms, pediatric units, outpatient surgery centers, dialysis centers, home health, hospice, private home use, sleep apnea centers, nursing homes, quick care centers, and in ambulances.

  • Indication for use:

    The Beata Clasp® is indicated with patients who are at risk for line impingement, dislodging, entanglement or other line, tube and drain incidents. This population generally involves all hospitalized patients whose treatment involves multiple lines, tubes and drains, but medically complex adults, pediatrics patients and patients undergoing transport may be most at risk.

  • Preventing errors :

    • Medical lines, tubing and drains are abundant in clinical practice. It is not uncommon to see IV lines & other cables tangled when patients are mobile or in transport.

    • Tubing is a potential source of harm when it becomes dislodged, impinged, entangled or wrapped around the patient’s neck or limbs.

    • Furthermore; the time required for nursing staff to untangle, reorganize or reinsert lines represents a significant operational inefficiency.

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