Mission Statement

Our focus is to bring our product the Beata Clasp to market to promote patient safety. Thus, our slogan is “Bringing Safety Back to the Bedside.”

We believe a brand is not just a name, a logo, or a product. A brand is a promise that is communicated in every interaction with patients, hospitals and other organizations, our peers, and one another. This product is our first step in what will be a continuous process of establishing, maintaining, and enhancing the identity of our company.

The Beata Clasp was founded by two registered nurses. Our path through innovation and health care has been full of learning. We support all nurse ingenuity. It is time to end all workarounds and streamline the workflow of the bedside staff. Decreasing staff frustration with the use of this product is our first step towards supporting those that give of themselves. Please reach out to us for guidance along your journey of innovation, entrepreneurship, or to recharging your spirit.

Tel: 1 (800) 796-5840 | Fax: ‭(630) 839-0888 | contact@beataclasp.com

Mailing Address:

551 Roosevelt Rd, Ste 122
Glen Ellyn IL 60137