Improving Compliance with Top Joint Commission Requirements Through the Beata Clasp Line Organizer

Here are the Top 5 Joint Commission requirements and corresponding elements of performance (EPs) identified most frequently as “not compliant” during surveys and reviews from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022.

  • IC.02.02.01, EP 2: The organization implements infection prevention and control activities when doing the following: Performing intermediate and high-level disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment, devices, and supplies.
  • IC.02.01.01, EP 2: The organization uses standard precautions, including the use of personal protective equipment, to reduce the risk of infection.
  • MM.01.01.03, EP 2: The organization follows a process for managing high-alert and hazardous medications.

The Beata Clasp line organizer can help healthcare facilities comply with each of the Joint Commission requirements' corresponding above requirements.

IC.02.02.01, EP 2: The Beata Clasp can assist in infection prevention and control by keeping medical equipment, devices, and supplies organized and off the floor. This reduces the risk of infection from contaminated equipment.

IC.02.01.01, EP 2: The use of the Beata Clasp can aid in the implementation of standard precautions by reducing the risk of patient falls caused by cords and lines on the floor, which could increase the risk of infection due to contaminated surfaces.

MM.01.01.03, EP 2: The Beata Clasp can help hospitals manage high-alert and hazardous medications by keeping the medication lines organized and within reach, improving patient care and safety.

By utilizing the Beata Clasp line organizer, hospitals and healthcare facilities can improve their compliance with these goals and ultimately promote patient safety. The Beata Clasp helps keep lines and equipment organized, reducing the risk of contamination and falls, which can lead to a better patient experience and improved outcomes.

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